[news] 2018-12-16

The 15th Korea Missionary Fellowship in Central and Southern Africa

  1. Pastor Nam Jun Kim delivered messages about the ministry at the 15th Mission Conference for Korean Missionaries in Southern Central Africa held in Johannesburg, South Africa.
    The conference ran for four days starting from the 4th of December.
    Missionary Soon-Keun Ahn: I was so happy to hear the news of Pastor Nam-jun Kim visiting us as the main lecturer.
    Missionary Hyun-mi Kim: I have learned that I should pray so that I may put my faith into practice while listening to God's voice intimately in a continuous manner.
    Missionary Young-Ae Kim: It was my first experience that the remarkable Word of God approached me like grace beyond grace. My life is likely to change.
    The messages proclaimed for three days presented an exciting challenge to the missionaries and the Missionaries’ Association offered a plaque of appreciation to Pastor Kim.
    Kyung-sun Choi: Thank you for giving us the hope that we missionaries will be able to return to the mission field and live a life like a flame that glorifies God. Thank you to Yullin Church.
    It is our hope that the missionaries who have been challenged again through the Word of God will be used for the love of God to bear fruit more abundantly in the mission field.